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How to make handmade false eyelashes

There are two types of professional eyelashes used in general film and television makeup. One is eyelashes made of silk thread and human hair. This is a method of making eyelashes, and the other is using spun yarn and sand edge structure. The composition is the combination of eyelashes and eyelids, which can be called eyelashes, which is also the method of making eyelashes.
In the process of making, you must understand the tools used to make eyelashes. These tools are more complicated. In addition to the tools, there is also the choice of materials. Generally, hair strands, yarn edges, etc. are mainly selected, but animal hair can also be considered.
The process of making eyelashes is more complicated, and it is difficult for ordinary people to understand clearly. If you want to learn how to make eyelashes, you can go to a professional place to understand. Of course, the selection of eyelashes must choose a better technology, so that the eyelashes can be cured faster. This is basically the performance of the eyelashes, and we must not neglect the choice of eyelash materials.
The materials used to make false eyelashes include plastic, cotton, feathers and other materials, and the effects of false eyelashes made of different materials are different. It's actually very easy to make one by hand. The manual production steps are as follows:
1. Find the false eyelashes that suit your eye length and bend it several times to soften the arc.
2. Cut a section of lace that is longer than the false eyelashes.
3. Cut a little edge at the bottom and pull out the thread below (so that the bottom will not be too hard, in order to fit the curved eyelashes).
4. Fix the pleats of the cut lace section, and blow the edge part with a hair dryer, so that the folds are easier to set.
5. Apply eyelash glue to the roots of the false eyelashes, and a little bit on the fan-shaped parts. Glue a little bit along the arc, adjust the glue slightly before fixing it, and then shape it with sharp-angled tweezers.
6. Adjust the fold ratio of each section. Use a wooden stick when pressing to prevent deformation of the sticking lace, keep the arc fixed, and press lightly until it is fully fitted and does not warp.

7. The tutorial of handmade lace false eyelashes is completed.