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Pay attention to the use of eyeliner

Change eyeliner regularly
The shelf life of the unopened eyeliner is usually 2-3 years, and the use time of an opened eyeliner should not exceed 3 months, so as to reduce the chance of eye infection from the bacteria on the eyeliner.
Do not use eyeliner interactively
Eyeliner should be used for personal use. Don't use it at the same time in order not to waste it, which can easily cause cross-infection.
Remove makeup thoroughly

The skin around the eyes is very special. It is best to use a special eye and lip makeup remover. When removing makeup, first apply the makeup remover to the eyes for 30 seconds, then gently press, and finally use a cotton swab to apply the makeup remover to the corners of the eyes and the roots of the eyelashes. Wipe off any remaining eyeliner.