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What kind of eyeliner is good for beginners?

Wooden eyeliner is very suitable for beginners. The refill of this eyeliner is hard, so it is easy to draw eyeliner, and because of the texture of the wax formula, it is also very suitable for smudging and making smoky makeup. But it also means: the wooden eyeliner is more likely to be wiped off and smudged.
Compared with the wooden eyeliner, the rotating eyeliner does not require repeated sharpening and is more convenient to use. In addition, because the texture is hard, it is best to draw eyeliner from both sides to the inside of the eye.

Sponge head liquid eyeliner can draw exaggerated black cat eye eyeliner, suitable for party makeup; while brush head liquid eyeliner can outline a very smooth eyeliner, you need to allow enough time for the eyeliner to dry before it will not faint.