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What are the classifications of commonly used false eyelashes

For makeup, false eyelashes are indispensable, every woman will come into contact with this small prop that makes the eyes beautiful and enlarged instantly. So what are the classifications of eyelash curlers that we use every day? Let's take a look together today.
1. Natural whole row of eyelashes. This is the one that everyone uses the most and the most natural. Everyone can wear it directly when choosing daily makeup. It is natural. After applying the mascara, it will be the same as our own eyelashes. When using it, it should be shortened a bit. It will be more natural and suitable for natural makeup. And people with scarce eyelashes.
2. Naturally plant single eyelashes. Such eyelashes are mostly used in mascara advertisements. Individual eyelashes need to be planted one by one, which is time-consuming and laborious. The requirement is to use it under the condition of clear and high-definition makeup, which can bring the perfect vision of artificial eyelashes. It is also tried in the non-marking makeup.
3. Natural single-cluster planting of eyelashes. There is a small root, and the claw-shaped split eyelashes make the curvature of the eyelashes a little more natural. Because the eyelashes are clustered, the roots should be planted on the eyeline of the root of the eyelashes to hide the stem, and it is also convenient for planting in the inner and outer corners of the eye. Perfect the shape of the eyes, more used for bridal makeup. It makes people look very lively.
4. Nature Department 3-10#. For this kind of eyelashes, it is even more easy to use. Choose according to the density of the original eyelashes of our eyes. You can wear natural eyelashes with different effects. It is easier to brush with our real eyelashes, and it looks also The traces are relatively small.
5. Mesh-shaped intertwined false eyelashes. For net-shaped eyelashes, it is suitable for those who need small smoky or thicker eyelashes. It is also suitable for metallic makeup, which makes it easier to show texture and temperament.
6. Enchanting the entire row of thick eyelashes. For the 116# eyelashes that are radioactive and thick and thin, they increase the look of the eyes and enlarge the eyes instantly, but it will also make the eye makeup thicker. Sometimes it can also replace double eyelid tape to help perfect the shape of the eyes, which is suitable for heavy daily makeup.
7. Transparent eyelashes. For people who only require the length and density of eyelashes, this is undoubtedly a good choice. There is no colored root to make it look natural, and the transparent plastic stem will not feel that the eyes are restricted like a frame. . It is also more and more popular with young girls.

8. Lace-like fancy eyelashes. For many Chinese brides and some company dinners, the lace-controlled eyelashes are even more outstanding. It makes people feel bright, and adds a femininity.