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Eyelash extension tutorial steps

Do you also find it particularly troublesome to put on false eyelashes every day? If you are also a girl who is afraid of trouble, you can try to graft your eyelashes. Today I will share with you the small methods and commonly used tools for eyelash grafting.
The tools for eyelash grafting mainly include:
1. Grease removal spray is mainly used to remove excess fat from the eyes.
2. The blast ball is mainly used for drying glue.
3. Tweezers, used to clamp eyelashes.
4. Glass spacers, adjust the amount of glue for eyelashes during the holidays.
5. Combination of segmented false eyelashes, you can choose thick and natural styles according to your preferences.
The main steps are as follows:
1. Spray the oil removal spray on a cotton pad and wipe the eyelash area to remove excess oil from the eyelashes.
2. The glue should be shaken before use to avoid condensation of the glue. Only a drop of glue is required each time. Pour a drop of glue into a clean container.
3. Clamp the eyelashes with tweezers and dip a small amount of glue. Drag on the glass clip to adjust the amount of glue.
4. Start grafting eyelashes. Note that the entire process must maintain a distance of 1 to 2 mm between the skin and the eyelashes, and then fix it for about 10 seconds.
5. Paste along the contour of the eyelashes from beginning to end. You can adjust the density of eyelashes according to your preferences.
6. Use a blower to accelerate the drying of the glue.

The whole process is not particularly complicated! Curious girls can actually try it at home. What do you think of this small method of grafting eyelashes?