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how to extension your eyelash


Eyelash artists should not make eyelashes for customers in the same way. They should design effective eyelash modification schemes according to the shape of customers' eyes and the tolerance of their own eyelashes.

In addition, the eyelash artist must be very careful and strictly regulated. They must be gentle and gentle to prevent allergies, because the eye is an extremely sensitive part. The knowledge and techniques that a professional eyelash artist should master: 1. Observe the customer's eye shape first, and determine the shape and length of eyelashes suitable for the customer; 2. Analyze the structure and endurance of customers' eyelashes, and listen to customers' requirements; 3. Familiar with the use of eyelash beauty tools, maintenance methods and common sense of disinfection; 4. Ability to distinguish the pros and cons of grafting eyelash adhesives;

5. Creatively design eyelash shapes suitable for customers.

In short, the eyelash artist is engaged in a very subtle and patient work. Only with skilled skills and appropriate design can win the trust of customers. The process of grafting eyelashes: First, prepare the tools and products needed for the eyelashes, and then the guests lie down. We need to disinfect our hands and all the tools that will be used in the eyelashes. What is the specific process of eyelash grafting? Experts introduce: First, prepare the tools and products needed for eyelashes, and then lay down the guests. We need to sterilize our hands and all the tools that will be used in eyelashes. 1 Clean the dirt on the eyelashes and blow dry. 2 Isolation-Cut out a suitable size isolation film (can be medical tape, eye mask, eye sticker), and separate the upper and lower eyelashes of the guest. 3 Straighten out-use eyelash comb or tweezers to straighten out the eyelashes one by one.

4 Selection--The eyelash artist needs to choose suitable eyelashes of different materials and place them on the water table according to the length of the customer's eyelashes (it can also be a soft cushion or a clean non-woven fabric).

5 Grafting (1) Shake the glue for eyelash grafting, the purpose is to shake the minerals evenly, (2) Squeeze an appropriate amount of black glue on the glue table, take less glue each time, and take glue frequently. (3) Clamp the tail end of the eyelash fiber with tweezers, poke about 2/3 of the root into the glue, and then gently drag it out. (4) The glued eyelashes are glued to the side of the real eyelashes, 0.5--1mm away from the skin, not more than 1.5mm. 6. Detection - After grafting, clean it with a mascara brush to check whether the adhesion is firm, and if it falls off, it needs to be filled.

7. Blow dry-use a small fan or Xiao Biaoqiu to blow the eyelashes for 5-10 minutes, and you can open your eyes without glare