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The market of false eyelashes is mainly targeted at Makeup Brushes & Tools under Tools & Accessories. The main category is Beauty & Personal Care.
According to Makeup Brushes & Tools, the most suitable subcategories for our products are:
False Eyelashes & Adhesives

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Beauty & Personal Care
--- Tools & Accessories
--- Makeup Brushes & Tools
--- False Eyelashes & Adhesives
According to the trend analysis, the popularity of false eyelash products reached the peak of the annual search volume in October to December, when the promotion activities were concentrated in the peak season. The epidemic in the first half of this year also brought the growth of search popularity in the first half of this year.
Compared with mink hair false eyelashes, the search heat of mink lashes was higher. In addition to the heat of mink hair itself, buyers directly searched for mink lashes to find the extra heat brought by imitation mink hair false eyelashes.
Compared with single grafted eyelashes, preset fan-shaped grafted eyelashes and one-second grafted eyelashes, the search popularity of single grafted eyelashes is always higher than the other two kinds of eyelashes. According to the trend of search popularity in the past five years, the search popularity of one-second grafted eyelashes also increased significantly.
According to the search heat trend of the last five years, the search heat trend of all kinds of false eyelashes basically coincides with each other. In addition, the annual search heat peak in the past five years starts to rise sharply in September and reaches the peak in October, which is expected to be the heat brought by the back-to-school season and Halloween.