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How to wear false eyelash to stick false eyelash small skill

In so many beautiful people daily life surely want to false eyelash is everyone know a small makeup auxiliary tool, it can we all eye makeup painting color many, the use of false eyelash also have many, you have displayed different technique paste to false eyelash effect is also different, so the love of beauty thousand color beauty makeup the higher-ups hou teacher think a very important part of good false eyelash.
In order to know how to wear false eyelashes, you need to prepare the following commonly used tools in advance and master the basics.

Use medical tweezers to clamp unnecessary ciliary stalks on either side of your eyelashes. Remove the eyelashes slightly to remind you that you do not have to destroy the design of the eyelashes. Use your fingernails to remove unnecessary glue stains from the root of your eyelashes. Take out eyelash both sides needless complete transparent stem. Put your eyelashes on the eyelid and compare them to the length of your eyes. If it is too long, cut off the outgrowth. High and short bumpy eyelashes make eyelash stem more soft. Apply superglue to the roots of your eyelashes and let the superglue dry for 10 to 20 seconds. We curl our eyelashes as much as possible while waiting. Hold the eyelashes in one hand, and use the medical forceps in the order of the edge, the eye head and the corner of the eye to stick to the eye curtain above the eyelashes. Adjust the Angle of view when the super glue is not dry. Fill in gaps in eye makeup with liquid eyeliner and superglue. Use tweezers to clamp the lower lashes and place them on the edge of the lower eyelid to hold them in place. By attaching to the eye tip, the lashes are likely to be slightly left out to make the eyes look taller. In that way, the basic process of wearing false eyelashes is complete.

In life, we all want to a pair of long and rolling eyelashes, blink when a flash, but there are some MM eyelashes very little, very short, makeup is very difficult, it doesn't matter, hou teacher gave you the following points, a look.

A. Proper cutting and repair
False eyelash is a kind of "take on the hand disrelish short, wear on double eye disrelish long" thing, the person's eyelash edge is much, two sides are some shorter, certain length is in 5mm to 10mm differ. To look good after wearing false eyelashes, the length should not be an exaggeration, but the width should be suitable for your eye shape. In the case of false eyelashes, false eyelashes should first be clamped with medical forceps at the root of the eyelashes. If the false eyelashes are longer than their own eyes, they need to be cut to the total width as long as their own eye shape, and the tail of the false eyelashes should not exceed their eyelashes. Accordingly, false eyelash is in eye head because should empty go out one quarter, otherwise the meeting when closing an eye is uncomfortable.
B. Soft false eyelashes
After getting appropriate length, show "C" glyph bumpy false eyelash pedicle, hold to 20 seconds up and down. Slanting eyelashes flatter our eyes, and you've definitely seen the end of your false eyelashes pop up, not because the superglue isn't good, but because the stem is too hard.
C, go to oil
Vegetable grease can make false eyelash cannot be fixed do not move, if you are oily skin, there is a bit of difficult problem likely when matching wearing. Before match wears false eyelash, clear away the plant grease on eyelid with oil-absorbing paper first clears, or be in on eyelid sweep a completely transparent set makeup powder. Rated value to remind: if you want to cycle to use false eyelash, so go discharging the circumstance that make up cannot be dissolved with oil below go discharging makeup commodity, in case harm the second round to use.
D. Clip your eyelashes
Before on false eyelash is supposed to put their own with eyelash clip eyelash clip roll become warped, then coated with mascara, due to the roll become warped eyelash body itself is not the false eyelash, in order to put a false eyelash after bad influence real, so need to stick before his first false eyelash eyelash clip roll become warped, and mascara is likely to assist the inclination of the stationary eyelash.
E. Count to ten
When we rush to apply false eyelashes, we're supposed to tell ourselves that the good stuff is worth the wait. Waiting 10 seconds for the superglue to stick can make all the difference in the end. If you just apply superglue on the anxious affixed false eyelashes, false eyelashes will walk around, can not be fixed in the place you want to let it stay.
F. Look down
Most of us put our noses to the mirror, thinking that the closer we get to the bathroom mirror, the better we can see, right? Further, that's not true! Put the bathroom mirror under the face is an appropriate choice, that is to see the lashes of the field of vision.
G, apply false eyelashes first from the edge of the eye point above the beginning
Use medical forceps or false eyelash curler to take the vacation eyelash is management center root, first stick the root in the middle of the eye curtain, easy to empty the eye head and the appropriate spacing of the canthus.
The eye head is embedded with the space of three eyelashes to prevent long years of wearing, and the eyelash stem will be uncomfortable from beginning to end. Remember to stick to the root, eyes will be open!
H, with a little energy, let the eyelash stem support the eye
Glue the eye head and canthus, use medical forceps to clamp the eyelash root and stick the front end, use a little force to pull the eye head root and then fix, canthus is the same. It is possible to use a little support force to make the eyelash stem support the eye shade, which is why many people with inner double eyelids, after wearing false eyelashes, the eyelash will run out, which is the bearing force of the eyelash stem and the slightly pulled support force of the medical tweezers when sticking. In addition, apply iron clip to lift eyelash clip become warped.
I, cover gap
The gap between true eyelashes and false eyelashes is often a lot of people's annoyance. Blusher solves this problem without having to tear it off and reapply it. You can just fill in the gaps with a gray and black matte blush. It's not easy to leave all the marks and there's a good chance the superglue dries quickly.
J. Combine solid and virtual eyelashes with an eyelash comb
After sticking, you can use your fingers to follow the incline of your eyelashes and make it tilt upward, and then comb your eyelashes and false eyelashes together with your eyelash comb.
The last thing we should pay attention to is that we do not have to tear up the false eyelashes immediately when removing makeup, so that it is to drag in the eyelids, long-term make eyelids relaxed. The second is not good if stick stick, make real empty eyelash stick together, this tear oneself true eyelash also pulled off. The third immediately pulls the false eyelash that falls to casually deform, shortened the frequency that uses repeatedly, heavy criterion waste. Must correct operation!