Company Profile

Qingdao T-integrity lash factory co.,ltd is established in 1995 and at begining we only do OEM and ODM for domestic customers and trading companies. From 2016 we begin to expand our market over the world and although we do not export ourselves but we always on the may making good eyelashes for world cusotmers.Our customer like Lily lash,Moixed lash,lashpop etc also have some other big brand . You may do not know us but we are factory making the lash for you indeed.

Our factory located in Qingdao pingdu where 90% of world eyelashes are made here .The corporation specialized in making artificaila eyelashes and covers an area of 10,000 square meters,the annual production capacity can reach 36million pairs.

Over the past years,more than 20 series and over 4000 eyelashes have been designed and proven to be extraordinarily  human hair ,chemical fiber,paper art,luminous eyelashes and grafting eyelashes.The stringent manufacturing procedure renders our products qualified during the inspection undertaken by the authoritative department.

In recent years,our products have been becoming incressingly popular in the global market.Japan,South Korea,Europe and the United States are our major Market.Wearing our Eyelashes has been becoming a fashion in many countries now.